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Editor' ChoiceProStockMaster is a desktop software application helping to sell photos online through stock photography agencies. Adopted by thousands of amateur and professional photographers since its first launch in 2006, ProStockMaster is the first of its kind application dedicated to ease the process of working with multiple microstock and traditional stock photography agencies.

Our unique desktop software helps you sell more photos and work faster, automating the tedious tasks of tagging, managing and uploading microstock photos and traditional royalty free and rights managed images to stock agencies. Using ProStockMaster you can spend more time doing what you love – shooting pictures. ProStockMaster is available for Mac Os X (Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard) (Mac screen shot) and Windows (Windows screen shot) (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and older versions).


Mac OS X

Download ProStockMaster for Mac OS X

For Mac, Install ImageMagick (free) before running ProStockMaster.


Download ProStockMaster for Windows

Extremely powerful tool for microstock contributors, stock photographers and everyone willing to sell images online!

Mac screen shot - sell photos as microstock

Sample Mac screen shot


  • Simultaneous Upload of Stock Photos Post stock photos and entire folders to multiple agencies via your free account, in just one click! Select from a list of top-selling microstock agencies. PSM also provides seamless registration on each site, if you are not yet a member contributor.
  • Automated Keywording (IPTC) Type a keyword or two and click the “Suggest!” button. Select from the list of popular and relevant keywords that PSM provides. PSM also provides auto-translation to dozens of languages, allowing your stock photos to be found easily by microstock purchasers around the world.Watch: Easy microstock keywording with ProStockMaster
  • Stock Earnings Statistics Review the purchase and download statistics for your stock content. Most agencies supported.
  • Metadata Simplicity Search for stock images in your collection by the various metadata and keywords you have already collected per image. Export, Import and Copy metadata easily among multiple pictures. No more one-at-a-time editing!
  • Photo Data Review and use the EXIF data inserted into each of your pictures: aperture, shutter speed, program mode, ISO and more.

Advanced keywording & IPTC metadata editing

Advanced keywording & IPTC metadata editing

EXIF Viewing

EXIF Viewing

Downloads and earnings stats

Downloads and earnings stats

5 Stars Rating for ProStockMaster for Mac OS X on CoreDownload Safe download: ProStockMaster for Windows antivirus report Safe download: ProStockMaster for Windows antivirus report by  Softpedia

What people say about ProStockMaster

David C. Coleman

David C. Coleman

David C. Coleman, Artist/Photographer

David is located in Brunswick Hills, Ohio

David’s portfolio on Dreamstime is here

David’s work varies from portraits to commercial and industrial photography. He has been involved in illustrating 3 books, several magazine articles and covers. He is also an exclusive photographer and a top contributor to Dreamstime stock photography web site.

Stock photography has always slowed my workflow down, usually having to be done after the
normal duties of a studio photographer. ProStockMaster makes stock photography fit for me. It helps me organize and upload my images, cutting my workload in half for stock.

Before ProStockMaster I had allowed my image uploads to drop off dramatically. I am now able to upload images without taking away from my other work. ProStockMaster is an awesome organizer and time saver!

Laurent Dambies

Laurent Dambies

Laurent Dambies, Research Scientist and Amateur Photographer

Laurent is currently located in Pau, France

Laurent is the author of the Microstock Experiment Blog

Laurent’s portfolio on 123rf is here

I am a long time amateur photographer with a broad range of interests including architecture, urban, nature and HDR images. My pictures are available through several microstock agencies and I am using ProStockMaster in my workflow for about 3 years now.

ProStockMaster saves me a lot of time because I organize, keyword and upload my pictures to nine microstock agencies simultaneously. It is particularly useful when submitting to iStockphoto to put pictures directly into the queue. When I start with a new category of pictures, the semi-automatic IPTC keywording works very well to provide me with a first set of keywords. With ProStockMaster I can also keep track of my records and avoid resubmissions.

The most addictive feature of all is most certainly the statistics which allows you to check your stats just in one click. Technical support is very helpful and because of the open communication with their customers, ProStockMaster is getting better at each version. Because of all these things, I highly recommend including this software in your workflow. Try it, and you will not be disappointed.

Richard Foreman

Richard Foreman

Richard Foreman, Photographer

Richard is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

His microstock portfolio on iStockphoto is here

I am a Stock Photographer who submits pictures to several microstock photography sites. I recently came across ProStockMaster software. I had been looking for a software program to help me submit pictures to several stock photo sites more efficiently.

After I installed it I had some issues with the software running on my Vista machine. I contacted customer support and I was very impressed with the quality and caring that went into assisting me to get my issue resolved. They were very quick and very helpful with assistance. In the end it was actually a problem on my computer not the software!

ProStockMaster is now running perfectly on my machine and making my life so much easier. I can now submit to several sites at once as easily as it was for me to submit to one. I can see this software paying for itself in a very short time and I could not be happier.

I would definitely recommend this software to anyone who submits pictures to more than one stock photography agency. And it’s refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind it’s product!

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