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Microstock How-To’s

How to install the full version while keeping all the data

How To Upload Selected Files And Folders

Uploading Files

  • Browse your computer and find the image you want to upload. Verify that it has the required metadata (if not, add metadata in “Manage Metadata” window – open by “Keywords->Manage” menu)
  • In the agencies table at the bottom of the main application screen (right under the image preview) select the agencies where you want this image to be uploaded. You do it by checking the box left to the agency name. You can select uploading to all the agencies in your list by checking the most top check button.
  • Continue to the next image: browse your computer and find the next image, add its metadata, if required, then select agencies for upload
  • When all the images were reviewed and selected, go to “Upload->Selected Images” menu and confirm the upload queues Now all the selected images are being uploaded to the agencies of your choice

Uploading Folders

  • Open “Upload->Folder” menu. It will start a simple wizard which will guide you for the rest of the procedure
  • Only JPG images from the selected folder will be uploaded
  • Note that PSM checks every image for the metadata validity. Images with invalid metadata will be rejected before the upload, thus saving your time and your bandwidth. You will see such images with “Rejected” status in the upload confirmation window.

How To Describe Your Stock Photo In Your Native Language

  • Open “Manage Metadata” window (menu “Keywords->Manage” or the “gears” button in the IPTC panel).
  • Click on “EN” in the upper part of the window. Input Languages menu opens
  • Select the desired input language, e.g. German
  • Verify that the input language button shows now “DE” instead of “EN”
  • Enter your keywords in German. Once you press “Suggest!” or “Add” button they will be translated to English.
  • Click on any English keyword in either left or right keywords lists to see its translation to German.
  • When you are done with the keywords, add English title and description (no built-in translation is available here).
  • Press “Apply” when you are done. Your images will be modified with new metadata.

How To Add The Same Metadata To Multiple Images (Series)

  • If you have a file which already has the metadata that you want to copy to all other images, open this file in PSM. If you do not have such a file, skip this step.
  • Open “Manage Metadata” window and create your metadata, if required.
  • Using “+” button, add images to apply this metadata. You can use “-” button or context menu on thumbnails list to remove unwanted images.
  • Press “Apply” button to apply metadata to all selected images

How To Use Keywords Suggestion Service

PSM is a unique application offering you to add more relevant keywords basing on your keyphrase. You can enter keywords in any of 23 supported languages: here is how

  • Select an image you wan to index and open “Manage Metadata” window (“Keywords->Manage” menu or “gears” button in IPTC panel)
  • In the filed labeled “Enter a keyphrase to start with” type in as many descriptive keywords as you can, white space separated. The more keywords you provide in your keyphrase and the more descriptive they are the better result you get.
  • Press “Suggest!” button and wait to get a few tens of relevant keywords in the left list
  • Left keywords list is your playground, while the right list contains the selected keywords – they will be inserted in the images of your choice
  • Note, that using the context menu (right mouse button) you can get more suggested keywords for any keyword in both lists.
  • Select keywords you want to keep for your images and move them from the left list of keywords to the right one using the “>” button.
  • Add image title and description
  • If required, add more images where you want the same metadata set to be applied
  • Press “Apply” button when you are done

How To Find Images On My Computer By a Keyword

You can find your local images by a keyword. For instance, if you want to find all the local images with the word “lake” inside, do the following:

  • Open “Keywords->Find in DB” menu, select where you want to look at (any combination of title, keywords and description metadata fields) and press “Search” button. You will get the list of thumbnails pointing to the images that contain the search keyword.
  • If your images are indexed externally, e.g. in Photoshop CS3 be sure that you run “Find in files” instead of “Find in DB”. If the files were never accessed by PSM they are not in the application DB and their metadata can not be searched. If you run “Find in files”, PSM will index all the files in the selected directory first and then will search for the requested keyword.

How To View Earnings Statistics For Multiple Stock Photo Agencies

  • First, you have to be registered as a contributor to the agencies of your choice. We recommend you registering with all agencies supported by PSM. It is a free and easy procedure and it multiplies your revenues, so why not doing that? We’ll be grateful if you will use our referral links while creating your new account in the stock photo agencies: click on the links in supported agencies table located the left part of our home page
  • Next, open “Upload->Stock Agencies” menu, select your stock image banks and enter your user credentials for each one. Thus, the software will be able to access your user account and collect your earning information.
  • Open “Upload->Statistics” menu to see all you earning in one unified table.

How To Delete An Image, Occasionally Selected For The Upload

Sometimes we make mistakes. For instance, we can try to upload a folder, which contains an image or a group of images that should not be uploaded to some stock agency, probably because they were already uploaded there in the past.

  • ProStockMaster shows you upload queues for each agency before any upload
  • Always verify upload images queue for every agency. Avoid duplicate uploads, most agencies punish their submitters if they find the duplicates
  • If you find an image that was added to the upload queue by an incident, selecting that image and choose “Delete” in the context menu. The context menu opens by clicking on the mouse’ right button on Win or with CTRL+Click on Mac.
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