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ProStockMaster Microstock Software Release Notes

Release Notes for v2.0.5 – June 15 2013


Release Notes for v2.0.4 – February 23 2013

Main changes


Release Notes for v2.0.3 – February 26 2012

Main changes

  1. Added scrolling for language context menu, so all languages are reachable for all screen resolutions

    Scrolled languages menu

    Scrolled languages menu

  2. Fixed issue which did not allow suggestions for multiple keywords / keyphrase.

    Keyphrase suggestions

    Keyphrase suggestions

  3. Mac: application menu moved to top menu bar where it is supposed to be for a Mac app
  4. Mac: folders tree changed to be more Mac-like, showing “PLACES” and starting from the user’ home folder.

    Better Mac experience

    Better Mac experience


Release Notes for v2.0.2 – February 10 2012

This is a major software release for Mac OS X which follows previous releases 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 for Windows (see below).

PSM v2.0.2 for Windows includes various bugs fixes.


Release Notes for v2.0.1 – December 5 2011

This is a major software release changing how PSM works with your images. While the user experience and the GUI mostly remain the same, other software layers were significantly modified.

Main changes

  1. PSM now works as a client, uploading images exclusively to your account. If you did not get your free Lightburner account yet, go get it now.
  2. It means that now you can upload your images to as many microstock and traditional stock photography agencies as you wish, either by using pre-defined microstock sales channels like iStock and Shutterstock, or by defining your own private FTP channels.
  3. It also means that PSM will now upload images only once, to, instead of uploading them N times to N agencies. Thus you save time and bandwidth.
  4. Lightburner accounts are set up for automatic distribution of all uploaded images, no additional action required. Once PSM uploads the images Lightburner will distribute them to the microstocks of your choice.
  5. The IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata library is replaced by a more sophisticated solution. WARNING: MAKE COPIES FOR ALL JPEGs BEFORE YOU APPLY ANY METADATA CHANGE.
  6. The database structure was cleaned up and was significantly changed. The new database is incompatible with DBs of PSM 1.x.x. If there will be a huge demand for the backward compatibility I will consider adding a DB convert utility.
  7. Some less important functionality existed in the previous versions is removed to reduce the number of features delivered in this BETA release.
  8. Bugs fixes: keywords translation in “Edit Metadata” dialog is back, keywords suggestion for international keywords works faster
  9. Auto-upgrade mechanism is replaced by downloading and running the software installer.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest software, make sure that

  • You have a valid Lightburner account (free signup here)
  • You defined your microstock agencies and/or private FTP sales channels in Lightburner
  • You provided PSM with your Lightburner username and password (Tools -> Lightburner account menu in PSM)

Known issues

  1. Sales stats received from always overwrite any data you might enter manually. Still thinking how to handle the logic here.

Release Notes for v1.9.4/1.9.3 – November 6-8 2010

– non-latin folders & files names on Windows: no thumbnails for images located on drives different than C:

Release Notes for v1.9.2 – September 3 2010

Version 1.9.2 fixes following issues:
– Windows: thumbnails for files with non-Latin characters in the file path are not displayed
– Mac: Stock Agencies window pop-us each time the application starts
– Mac: GUI skin automatically changed after the installation

Release Notes for v1.9.1 – August 15 2010

– fixes iStockphoto login and upload
– upgrades to Java 6, Mac & Win
– streamlines installation for Windows 7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit.

Note that if you upgrade to v1.9.1 from anything older than v1.9.0 you have to install the full version of ProStockMaster. Follow this instructions to do so.

Release Notes for v1.9.0 – August 1 2010

The new release speeds up stock photos thumbnails displaying and folders browsing.

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

On Mac, v1.9.0 also eliminates the dependencies on the old PowerPC code and Apple Rosette, and runs with Java 6 whenever it is available.

No Rosetta anymore! Faster Intel-native Java

v1.9.0 is a major release with some new stuff inside and we highly recommend to download and install the FULL VERSION of the new release instead of using the auto-upgrade procedure, both Mac and Windows. For the Mac users installing the FULL version instead of the auto-upgrade is a must to speed up the application, so please do so.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of PSM auto-upgrade are limited and we do expect problems with auto-update this time, so again – PLEASE INSTALL THE FULL version instead of auto-upgrading.

Further releases will be based on the technology introduced in v1.9.0, so it is quite critical to make a timely update now.

How to install the full version if you already got PSM installed and want to keep your data

Windows: First, get the new .exe installation. If you installed PSM in the default location (typically, C:\Program Files\ProStockMaster) just keep pressing “Next” button in the installation wizard. You are done in a few clicks. No other actions required.

Mac: DO NOT remove the previous version until you are completely set up! Get the new .tar.gz archive and install the software where you want it to be, making a new fresh installation (click on “install” button on the first application run).

Now go to your previous (old) PSM installation and open the application package for browsing (CTRL+click on the application icon, select “Show Package Contents”)

Open application package for browsing

Locate ProStockMaster_DB inside the package. It is located in Contents/Resources/Java folder.

Make a copy of your old ProStockMaster_DB folder.

PSM application package content

PSM application package content

Locate the ProStockMaster_DB folder in your new v1.9.0 installation repeating the above steps.

Replace the new ProStockMaster_DB folder with the old one (from your previous PSM installation). Now run the ProStockMaster v1.9.0 and verify that all the uploads and sales data is in place. Check that you indeed run v1.9.0 (Help->About menu in PSM).

If everything works fine and your old stock images database is now inside the new application package you are done. Move the old PSM installation along with the copy of the old PSM DB you made to Trash and leave it there for sometime, checking that the things indeed run OK. When you are sure that everything works as expected you can safely remove this stuff from the Trash.

Release Notes for v1.8.1 – July 11 2010

Minor fixes removing remaining unnecessary license validations.

Release Notes for v1.8.0 – June 27 2010

Freeware! All limitations removed.

Uploads for BigStock microstock agency fixed.

Release Notes for v1.7.4 / v1.7.5 – May 9-10 2010

v1.7.5,  May 10 2010 fixes “Failed to update DB schema” error introduced by v1.7.4 released on May 9 2010

In v1.7.4:

  • iStockphoto login fixed
  • Pixamba uploads discontinued

Release Notes for v1.7.3 – March 23 2010

  • BigStockPhoto and 123rf interfaces fixed following the changes on their sites
  • Dreamstime and Fotolia statistics fixed
  • Stockxpert removed from the list of supported agencies due to their merge with iStockphoto

Release Notes for v1.7.2 – January 14 2010

CanStockPhoto access switched to ProStockMaster API.

CanStockPhoto becomes yet another microstock agency who has joined the growing PSM API family. From now on, any file uploaded with PSM to CSP will show up sales and downloads statistics. The new API-based communication is much more secure since all the traffic goes over HTTPS.

Many thanks to CSP CEO Duncan Enman and his great CSP team for their continuous support.

Release Notes for v1.7.1 – November 17 2009

  • iStock login fixed again.
  • Statistics for 123rf & Fotolia fixed. Note that 123rf stats show up quite slow due to 123rf site speed.
  • The bug “99% upload: read timeout error” while uploading large files to Panthermedia fixed.
  • Removed some internal limits from the free version due to their useless
  • Mac: system / hidden folders should not show up in the file tree anymore

Release Notes for v1.7.0 – August 26 2009

  • New stock agency added! Integrated upload, total stats and per-image statuses, downloads and earnings info for the new stock agency Pixamba.
  • iStock login fixed again due to further changes on their web.
  • Various EXIF interpretation fixes, ISO speed is now showing correctly

Release Notes for v1.6.4 – July 12, 2009

  • This releases fixes recently changed iStock login, Alamy login and, hopefully, the Alamy’ bulk uploads.

Release Notes for v1.6.3 – May 5, 2009

Be sure you RESTART PSM after the auto-upgrade and READ THIS blog post on this release: []

  • Shutterstock uploads switched to FTP.
  • “Export Metadata” dialog added in “File->Export Metadata” menu. It creates a CSV file with JPG IPTC metadata and a few more file parameters for all JPGs in a specified folder. Optionally, works recursively on all subfolders of the specified folder.
  • Fixed an annoying bug causing thumbnails not to be displayed in many cases
  • EXIF reading is back
  • Manage metadata – copying data between images: verified & OK. Also the dialog will close now when a user press OK in the “applied” confirmation message.
  • Alamy uploads: only one image can be uploaded. The same is correct for Alamay uploads from their web either with Java applet or with Alamy ActiveX control. Seems to be a problem with their web server.

Release Notes for v1.6.2 – March 11, 2009

Alamy login and uploads fix.

Release Notes for v1.6.1 – March 6, 2009

This release switches Dreamstime uploads to FTP and fixes Canstock uploads issue.

25 more languages added for keywords translation.

Release Notes for v1.6.0 – January 19, 2009

This release adds our valued partner PantherMedia to the list of supported agencies.

Now you can see per images stats for any image uploaded with PSM to PantherMedia!

And as you might expect, the image status will automatically change when the image is accepted by PantherMedia editors.

If an image will be rejected, the status will change too, but let’s hope that you will never see that icon.

Release Notes for v1.5.5

This release follows recent changes at StockXpert fixing the login, stats and file uploads to StockXpert.

Release Notes for v1.5.4/v1.5.3

This release fixes keywords generation issue, adding more intelligence to the keywords suggestion mechanism.

From now on the more descriptive keywords you provide in the search keyphrase the more relevant results you get.

In addition, the list of suggested keywords is sorted in relevance order, thus suggesting the most relevant keywords on the top of the list.

This release also include various bug fixes and improvements, including speeding up the thumbnails display.

Release Notes for v1.5.2

This is a minor bug-fixing release, which, among other issues solves the annoying over-delivery problem.

Release Notes for v1.5.1

This software release adds more than 25 new skins and multiple context menus,

improves metadata copy to multiple images,

allows the images deletion from the upload queue, introduces Cut/Copy/Paste menus for all

text fields and adds fine-grained upload progress indicators.

Changes & addition in v1.5.1:

v1.5.1 introduces 25+ new GUI skins available from “View->Skins” menu. The application will start with the default gray Look and Feel skin, but you can change it anytime according to your taste. Here are some samples of GUI skins distributed with ProStockMaster v1.5.1:

Windows Native (Available on Windows only)

Mac Native (Available on Mac only)

Business style (any platform)

Sahara (any platform)

Quaqua (any platform)

Red Marble (any platform)

… more skins are available

Cut/Copy/Paste and a few more related context menus are added to any text filed in the application

Manage Metadata” window now sports Title and Description fields,thus allowing to apply the entire metadata set to the multiple selected images

This functionality already existed with some different user interface in the v1.4.1, but these “title” and “description” fields were lost in v1.5.0 metadata dialog due to the massive changes in the application. This version brings this stuff back

Manage Metadata Dialog with Title and Description allows metadata copying among images

Statistics for Fotolia are improved’, showing up now the monthly numbers along with the totals. Also Fotolia statistics are fixed for users registered at all the international Fotolia sites like,,, and

Added the ability to delete images, selected for upload directly from the upload queue for any agency

Delete images directly from upload queue

Context menu added in the image preview area

Added an ability to open the full-size viewer by double-clicking on a thumbnail in any upload queue

Upload progress window is changed to provide ”’fine-granulated upload progress both for the current file and for the entire batch”’

Duplicate keywords are now automatically removed from the keywords text pane in the IPTC panel when you press “Save” button or if you switch to another image, keeping the metadata changes you made.

“Exit application” confirmation dialog got “never remind me again” check box and can be discarded now.

‘“Refresh – F5” button added to multiple menus.

F5 will also work directly from the keyboard allowing you to refresh the currently viewed images folder if its content was changed by an external application.

Release Notes for v1.5.0

This is a major software release which adds many new functions, improves software stability, usability and performance and fixes many internal issues. Large parts of code were completely redesigned for flexibility, new functionality and speed. Context menus added in many graphic user interface areas (Right mouse button on Windows / Ctrl + click on Mac) ProStockMaster v1.5 is the first in the world software which implements our “intelligent multi-threading” technology which we have developed for a graphic-intensive pure-Java applications. So if you got a modern multi-CPU computer hardware (e.g. Intel Core Duo / Duo 2, Intel Quad, multi-CPU AMD or similar) you can benefit from the unleashed power of ProStockMaster capable of doing many things simultaneously.

Application performance, preview and thumbnails display speed are significantly improved. Note, that the first-time image access will always be slower since the software builds the images thumbnails and register the data in the database. All the later display requests for the same thumbnail will work fast because the thumbnail has been already created and cached.

Ability to alter upload date, time and upload status for any image and agency. Together with ability to edit number of downloads and earnings it gives you full flexibility and complete control on the image history and archive statuses.

‘”Select/Unselect All”‘ check box added, allowing quickly select/unselect all agencies for each image

”Uploads reliability” significantly improved.

PSM will now verify your login credentials for any site both at the time of the agency selection and during the upload process. If the upload process fails because of the network error (which is quite a typical issue with long uploads and not-so-stable networks), PSM will retry uploading the failed file a number of times and will gracefully inform you if the application will be still unavailable to upload the file after a few retries. The application will continue trying to upload other files to that agency, if possible (i.e. no exit if one file fails)

Total redesign of keywording functionality, adding new extremely powerful “Manage Metadata” dialog and multiple context menus ”’Built-in translation for any keyword”’, either entered from the keyword or exported from a file.

Support of 23 input languages

“Back translation” for the selected keyword from English to your input language on a mouse click. These three functions above allow you describing the image in your native language with instant translation to English and help provided by “Suggest!” functionality described below.

“Suggest!” functionality improvements:

Suggestion with “on-the-fly” translation: now the keywords can be entered in any supported language. They will be translated on-the-fly and for their English translation more matching English

keywords will be selected”’Suggest more keywords right from the generated keywords”’ using context menus right on the keywords lists.

Two suggestion modes:

Suggest more for a single keyword

Suggest more for a keyphrase or multiple comma-separated keywords’ (recommended). The more descriptive keywords you provide the more relevant results you get

Import keywords from a CSV file with optional “on-the-fly” translation

Export keywords to a CSV file. They will be saved in UTF-16. These Import/Export functions allow you to manage an ”’external set of keywords templates”’ in any language (see the “Categories tree” sample above), exporting them with or without translation any time you want to apply them or use other images as keywords templates (using “Extract from image”)

Change keywords order, moving them up and down in the keywords list, thus putting most significant keywords at the beginning of the list. Some agencies takes in account the keywords order while performing their database queries

Extract keywords from an image (IPTC)

Applying selected keywords set to multiple selected images. This function together with “Extract” above replaces previous “Copy Metadata” functionality. That’s why the ”Copy” button in the main IPTC panel was removed as unnecessary.

ISO-8859-1 (ISOLatin) IPTC support – the ability to retrieve and write IPTC keywords into the images in the majority of Western languages

Ability to translate all or some selected metadata for the images located in the selected folder, creating the new set of images with translated metadata in the chosen destination. This function allows you to keep multiple sets with the same images with keywords and other metadata in various languages, offering them for sale in different countries through the local agencies.

Completely new Look and Feel and multiple Graphic User Interface changes

The thumbnails pane can be resized now, thus ”’switching between “filmstrip view” and “table view”.

All the ”’file chooser windows (any Open, Import, Export etc dialog) have the Preview window now”’, showing the thumbnail of selected file even before the final selection is confirmed

Basic file management functionality added: Copy, Move, Delete images through the thumbnails context menu. Their new location and status will be registered in the ProStockMaster DB accordingly.

Now you can switch between different application’ databases. If one day you move your DB to another location PSM will ask you on startup where to find it’s database and will work with the DB located anywhere. You can verify the location of your current DB anytime opening “Tools->Switch DB” menu. You can now perform periodic DB backups and restore the DB on a computer system failure, pointing PSM to the restored DB location.

‘”Connect”‘ button is added in the initial installation dialog, allowing to connect to the existing ProStockMaster database if a previous PSM database already exists on your computer system.

Windows users: installation script already does it for you, if you install the new version of ProStockMaster into the same directory where the previous version was located.

So, typically on Windows there is no need to connect manually to your previous DB.

All users (Mac, Windows and Linux) can choose now the previous DB location during the installation of new version of PSM or by selecting another DB location later on, using “Tools->Switch DB” menu.

Database clean-up and maintenance function added, cleaning-up the DB from non-existing images and re-building the DB indexes for the faster DB access. It is recommended to run this procedure periodically.

Full-size image viewer: movement option added with “press-n-drag” mouse button (Photoshop-style) for easier and faster image reviewing at the full size.

“View log” menu added

Top-level application menus are redesigned, new menu items added

“Upload->Folder” functionality redesign: now all the images are selected according to their upload statuses and images that were already uploaded to some sites will not be re-uploaded to these sites if their status remains “uploaded”. If you wish to re-upload such images you have to change their status manually

Upload confirmation dialog changed to provide visual information (thumbnails lists) for both “Upload->Folder” and “Upload->Selected Images” menus.

Alt+Click on image thumbnail shows the most important image information: exposure parameters, ISO, focal distance, last modification and creation dates, image size in MB and MP, and more.

Simultaneous upload of multiple images to ”’StockXpert”’ – only 1 image uploaded: bug fixed

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  • Clinton Wittstock
    #1 written by Clinton Wittstock 7 years ago

    Do you take a cut of photos sold using this system?

    Kind regards

  • David Mail
    #2 written by David Mail 7 years ago

    No we do not. Some agencies pay us an affiliate fee for every referred sale. The photographers’ commissions remain intact, so it’s a truly free service – no crap.

  • Tim
    #3 written by Tim 7 years ago

    Looks like you have a nice piece of software. Couple things I didn’t see.
    1) with deepmeta for istock, you can choose categories and attach model and property releases. I realize that all these sites have different categories (and some do not utilize categories) and that you would have to customize each separately. Any chance of categories and attaching model releases? Then I think it would be complete and you wouldn’t need to go to each site, which in my line of thinking is the reason for this software. Granted, it would do most of the work for me, but as I see it, I still need to go in and “finish” the submission on each site manually.
    2) crestock or depositphotos in the plans?

    Thank you,
    Tim Zurawski, mas – NewLine Photography (new to stock)

  • David Mail
    #4 written by David Mail 7 years ago

    Hey Tim, thanks for your comment.
    DeepMeta utilizes iStock API, thus being independent on the site changes, which is of course great.
    While we can do the same for iStock, unfortunately, other sites do not support any API, so we have to handle their web interface which can change frequently.

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