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The new Canon ME20F-SH can shot 4K pixels with almost no light


So well, everybody was thinking that Canon is behind the competition with 7D mk II and 5D mk III models? And the only thing they can put on the table is 5DS/R 50MP studio-oriented model?

Surpirse, surprise…

Take a look at this 4K pixels quite ugly box-like ME20F-SH model

which can shoot in nearly complete darkness:

Stock image is used again to communicate a social / political campaign


Irish non-profit MOTHERSANDFARTHERMATTERS.IE used this image to support their “NO to the gays marriage!” message trying to impact the public oppinion towards Irish voting for same-sex marriage legalisation

The family who modeled for this stock image protests via Amnesty International against the message in the above poster. They say they fully support marriages equality.

We were surprised and upset to see that the photo was being used as part of a campaign with which we do not agree. We completely support same-sex marriage […]


Today, the majority of microstock sites request that the images won’t be used in political campaigns or used in the way that the agency, the models, or the photographers will be put in the bad light. I assume that from the legal point of view it is very tricky to distinguish what is ‘bad light’ and what is not, and if the usage like this one is up to the agency’ terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, we should better read all these small letters in the agencies T&Cs before sending our work there, and push them to better protect the contributors and their models from ‘gray’ usage of the imagery.



Getty Images Sues Microsoft For Providing Tools That Help In Further Copyright Infringement


Getty claims that the new Bing Widget provided by Microsoft causes unlimited and uncontrolled copyright infringement. The Bing Widget tool for the online publishers, released by Microsoft at the end of August 2014 allows online publishers embedding Bing-supplied digital images. Thus the publishers do not have to license images and video to illustrate their content anymore, directly embedding imagery found by Bing into their web sites.

Obviously, Bing search engine can not check the licenses of the images it finds online and the stream Bing Widget delivers is a mix of licensed and free content. It is yet another attempt to deliver free online digital content while stealing from the copyright owners, now by Microsoft.

Reference: “Getty Images Inc v. Microsoft Corp, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, No. 14-7114”.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v5 Mac & Windows for $72.99 (51% off)


Insane Cyber Monday deal by Adorama, for a few hours only!

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for $72.99 (reg: $149.99):

Version 2.0.5 is released – Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard supported


The new version brings in full functionality, including the thumbnails display for all versions of Mac OS X – Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.
Note that prior installing PSM on Mac OS X you have to install [free] ImageMagick.

If you have ImageMagick installed but PSM still can not show any thumbnail, do the follow:
1. Exit PSM if you run it

2.  Open a terminal window

3. In the terminal, type in

which convert

if you got ImageMagick properly installed you should see something like


in the response.

4. Copy the path to ‘convert’ to the clipboard, including the trailing slash (i.e. in the above case copy ‘/opt/local/bin/’)

5. In any text editor open the following file:


6. find a line showing


and replace <some-path> with the path to ‘convert’ you saved on clipboard (e.g. /opt/local/bin/)

Verify trailing slash in in place.

7. Start PSM and check the thumbnails

Why going exclusive does not work at microstock


Guys, read it!

Here is the latest post by Shutterstock CEO and the Founder Jon Oringer:

By keeping things simple, not favoring exclusive images, and iterating on metrics like search success, we feel like we will be more and more successful for both our buyers and our sellers over the long term.

I can not agree anymore. The future belong to non-exclusive contributors.

iStock exclusivity does not pay back. Old dinosaurs like Getty Images who do not understand the digital reality have to adopt the change – or die.

Moving to another hosting next week


Since we are getting more and more traffic, ProStockMaster and other Pixamba sites will be moved soon to another hosting thus providing better and faster experience to our customers. ETA: in 2 weeks. I’ll try to keep down time at minimum, tansferring the sites one by one. You may experience temporary outage with PSM web site or with PSM web services, such as in-app keywording. Sorry for any inconvinience and thanks for your patience.

Shutterstock IPO: checked!


Today is a great day for Shutterstock.

The company becomes a public company on the New York Stock Exchange: check out NASDAQ:SSTK.

So now each one of us can grab a share of the Shutterstock success 🙂 (please do not see it as a financial advise)

Congratulations Shutterstock! Jon and the team – you did it, and did it well!

Support Forum Added


PSM gets a new support forum where you can ask your questions and share any tips and tricks on selling photos – whatever you want to share. Find it here:

Of course the good old Contact Us form is still in the same place and I am always happy to hear from you whatever option you chose.

Upcoming major upgrade of


I am working on a major upgrade of and will be glad to get some help on testing vectors and video workflow. If you are dealing with this stuff and are willing to help keep reading this 🙂

What I am looking for:

– some small files samples, footage / vectors in various formats accepted by microstocks

– talk to you to better understand the workflow  with footage / vectors – some questions still remain

– extra pair of hands to play with pre-release LB version finding out the things I messed up

– ** The time frame is …well, more or less now 🙂 All the ‘testing & fixing’ cycles must go in the next 72 hours since the release is planned for this weekend.


If you feel comfortable with the above list please email me david(at), DM @pixamba on Twitter or leave me a comment here.

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