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Windows: thumbnails not shown if the file path contains non-Latin characters


ProStockMaster v1.9.0/v1.9.1 on Windows fails to show stock photos thumbnails if the file path contains non-Latin characters.
Mac is fine.
We are on it now.

The obvious workaround would be to rename the folders so they will not have any non-Latin characters, or temporary move the files to a different folder with an English name, e.g. C:\Uploads. However, note that ProStockMaster identifies files by their absolute path, so once you move the files to a temporary folder you will have to return them back with ProStockMaster ‘Move’ menu to keep their data tracked by the software. Since at the moment there is no group operation for ‘Move’ this workaround could be a problem for a large amount of files.

v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login, introduces Java 6 native


The new ProStockMaster v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login and upload of stock photos to the microstock agency, following the latest “F5” changes on the iStock web. It is also the first version of our microstock software which was compiled with Java 6, both Mac and Windows. PSM v1.9.1 simply runs faster than older versions. If you got Windows 7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit I recommend you to download and install Java 64-bit. The latest ProStockMaster v1.9.1 will perfectly run with 64-bit Java, and you get even more performance benefits.

Note that if you upgrade to v1.9.1 from anything older than v1.9.0 you have to install the full version of ProStockMaster. Follow this instructions to do so.

Please do not panic if you see this error message when you run the new software:
Application failed: (Access Denied)

It’s OK, it just says that you are running Windows 7 or Vista 🙂
The 1-minute solution for that is described in question #3 in our FAQ

iStockphoto login and web chnages


iStock have changed their web this week. We are aware of these changes and the ProStockMaster update is already completed. We still check various compatibility issues. The upgrade to v1.9.1 will be offered very soon. Note, that if you still run anything prior to v1.9.0 you have to upgrade to v1.9.0 first by installing the full version of ProStockMaster v1.9.0. Follow this instructions to upgrade to v1.9.0.

ProStockMaster v1.9.0 for Mac and next Mac versions – Snow Leopard only


ProStockMaster v1.9.0 for Mac is built for Snow Leopard only. This is due to introduction of some third party code compiled for Snow Leopard, and backward-incompatible to Leopard and Tiger. Since Tiger almost disappeared from the market and Leopard can be upgraded to Snow Leopard for just $29 at Apple Store, we are willing to keep it this way. All the further ProStockMaster versions also will be build for Snow Leopard only.

v1.9.0 released


We have released ProStockMaster v1.9.0. The new release speeds up stock photos thumbnails displaying and folders browsing.

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

On Mac, v1.9.0 also eliminates the dependencies on the old PowerPC code and Apple Rosette, and runs with Java 6 whenever it is available.

No Rosetta anymore! Faster Intel-native Java

v1.9.0 is a major release with some new stuff inside and we highly recommend to download and install the FULL VERSION of the new release instead of using the auto-upgrade procedure, both Mac and Windows. For the Mac users installing the FULL version instead of the auto-upgrade is a must to speed up the application, so please do so.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of PSM auto-upgrade are limited and we do expect problems with auto-update this time, so again – PLEASE INSTALL THE FULL version instead of auto-upgrading.

Further releases will be based on the technology introduced in v1.9.0, so it is quite critical to make a timely update now.

How to install the full version if you already got PSM installed and want to keep your data

Sell Photos Online as Microstock With Free ProStockMaster Software


Press Release

Life just got easier for stock photographers looking to sell photos via microstock agencies. Released as freeware, ProStockMaster free microstock software application helps photographers to sell photos online through multiple stock photography agencies.

Pixamba, the leader in software solutions for the microstock and stock photography market has released ProStockMaster, the award-wining microstock tool for stock photographers as freeware.

ProStockMaster is a free desktop software application which helps photographers to sell images online through multiple stock photography agencies.

Adopted by thousands of amateur and professional photographers since its first launch in 2006, ProStockMaster is the first application dedicated to simplifying the process of submitting stock images to multiple microstock and traditional stock photography agencies at the same time.

ProStockMaster is available for Mac Os X and Windows (7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 2003).

Free microstock software - Mac screen shot

This free software application helps stock photo photographers to sell more images quickly as it automates the tedious tasks of keywording, managing and uploading photos and traditional royalty free and rights managed images to stock agencies. With ProStockMaster contributing stock photographers can spend more time doing what they love – shooting pictures.

ProStockMaster free microstock software helps stock photographers to easily sell photos online through the following leading microstock photo agencies: – – – – – – – – –

The free microstock software offers the following features:

  • Simultaneous Upload of Stock Photos to Multiple Microstock Agencies. Contributing stock photographers can post stock images and entire folders to multiple stock photography agencies just in one click!
  • Automated IPTC Keywording Of Stock Photos: ProStockMaster microstock software suggests additional relevant keywords that can be used for the description of a stock photograph or illustration. The software supports built-in translation from more than 40 languages, helping stock contributors to describe their stock images in their native language.

IPTC Meta data keywording for stock photos

  • Stock Photography Earnings Statistics: With ProStockMaster stock photo takers can now review their sales and download statistics for their stock images portfolio in all supported microstock agencies at the same time.

Microstock sales stats

  • Stock Images Metadata Simplicity: ProStockMaster free software for a microstock photographer makes it easy to find images on photographer’s computer. The software keeps all the stock images indexed with IPTC metadata and supports a built-in fast search mechanism, helping photographers to find their images by keywords, titles or descriptions. For some microstock agencies, this free microstock application keeps track of per-image stats and earnings. ProStockMaster users can easily copy IPTC metadata between similar images, which significantly reduces the preparation time for series of stock photos taken at the same photo session, at the same location or with the same model. ProStockMaster allows stock photographers to batch-process their photographic metadata preparing their stock images for microstocks sales.
  • Standards Compliance: Full support for IPTC, Adobe XMP and EXIF meta-data standards.
  • Photo Data Review: ProStockMaster free software monitors stock imagery EXIF data inserted into any digital picture, including: aperture, shutter speed, program mode, ISO, flash mode, post-processing software and more.

EXIF metadata for stock photography

David Mail, CEO of Pixamba said:

“We are proud to release  ProStockMaster as free software, allowing the global community of  contributing microstock photographers to easily upload stock images,  selling stock photos and illustrations through top microstock agencies.  For four years our microstock software has helped tens thousands of  stock photographers to save time and money selling photos online. We  keep working on this proven free microstock tool, bringing even more  highly demanded keywording,  management and stock imagery distribution  functionality soon.”

About ProStockMaster

ProStockMaster was first launched in 2006 and rapidly became a favorite desktop software for microstock shooters. The software runs on Mac Os X and Windows and saves stock photographers hours of tedious work, automating keywording and simultaneously uploading stock photos to multiple microstock agencies. Selling photos online with ProStockMaster turns out as an extremely easy task for amateurs and professional photographers who value their time. ProStockMaster is developed and distributed by Pixamba, a company specializing in media management solutions for the creative industry. For more information and to download ProStockMaster, please visit:

For further information requests please contact:
David Mail, Pixamba
tel: +1-877-PIXAMBA
email: [email protected](dot)com

Microstock Freeware


ProStockMaster, the original microstock software for a contributing stock photographer is now released as freeware. ProStockMaster was first launched in 2006 and rapidly became a favorite tool for microstock shooters. The software runs on Mac Os X and Windows and saves stock photographers hours of tedious work, automating keywording and simultaneously uploading stock photos to multiple microstock agencies.

Affiliates program discountinued


Since we have released ProStockMaster as freeware, the affiliate program does not make sense any more. You can check your affiliate account and claim your earnings, no minimum payout applied.

Login to affiliate account


Traditional Rights Managed vs. Royalty Free Microstock – Any Chance?


An example of a traditional rights managed photo

Rights managed photograph

Rights managed photograph of a girl, underwater

Note the final price and the number of various options I had to select to find out the price. It is so confusing and time consuming!

I had not idea at the beginning how much such an image costs, and I had to waste my time precisely selecting all the options just to see that my budget is far away of the final price.

Why buyers would agree for that? The only answer is – if they have no choice. Would you buy some cheese in your local supermarket if you have no idea how much you pay at the cash desk? Would you buy a car if you do not know its price?

Right Managed photography accompanied with user interface of ‘adding options to see the final price’ is a totally wrong idea! It won’t sell.

Let’s compare it to the Royalty Free microstock alternative.

Well, today iStockphoto is not exactly a microstock agency anymore, particularly when we are talking about Extended Licenses prices. However, it is still ten times less for quite a similar stock photograph!

Is it the same photo? No, of course it’s not. I probably could find something much more similar, and even much more cheaper on other microstock sites, like Dreamstime or Fotolia.

Will the buyers prefer an iStock image, paying 10 times less for a stock photo and getting more in terms of time, usage and warranty, and saving time going through the time-consuming “find the final Rights Managed price” process? I bet they will.

iStockphoto Royalty Free Photo

iStockphoto Royalty Free Photo with Extended License

Pixamba transforms microstock photography image management


Innovative and feature-rich software platform for digital media management

May 19 2010. Pixamba ( has today launched the Pixamba Media Management platform, a powerful yet affordable digital asset management service, specifically designed to help microstock photography users to manage their portfolio of licensed stock images effectively.

Pixamba Media Management Service helps users to index, store, search, tag, retrieve and back up their images, whether purchased from photo stock agencies or edited in-house. The service also enables users to manage micro stock photography in multiple drafts and file versions.

Pixamba Media Management Service provides real-time visibility of each individual stock image, including when and how it was used and the up-to-date status of respective legal rights for further use. This allows users to ensure that set policy-based usage permissions and content security rules are adhered to.

Easy to use with an entry price point of $4.99 per account for 3GB space, Pixamba’s service provides a unique combination of features for microstock users:

  • Centralized digital media storage and management accessible from anywhere
  • Advanced fast search functionality
  • Integrated search in customer’s archive and in multiple stock agencies
  • Automated ‘Buy & Stock’ feature and original metadata retention
  • Advanced version control
  • Automated indexing
  • Media-rights tracking for maximum ROI
  • User friendly and intuitive interaction
  • Fast image uploads and media indexing
  • SaaS delivery requiring no initial investment and low pay-as-you-go storage costs
  • Accepts virtually any digital asset, most images formats supported
  • Media cataloging by folders, light boxes, companies and categories

Available as a software as a service solution based on an advanced cloud computing infrastructure, Pixamba Media Management requires no complex installation and ensures that image libraries are easily acces­sible to multiple users.

David Mail, CEO and founder of Pixamba said: “With the exponential growth in the global microstock market, there has been a dramatic increase in microstock-based creative files. We believe that we are the first to market to provide a digital asset management system that puts the stock photography consumers in full control of their archives of licensed images”.

The new service is aimed at purchasers of digital stock photography including web designers, graphic designers, creative and advertising agencies and media, marketing and academic users.

Pixamba Media Management Service is available immediately. To sign up or trial the product, visit:

Pricing information:
All plans include full functionality and 30-day free trial.
Basic: $4.99/m – 3GB
Plus: $11.99/m – 10GB – limited time sign up offer: 20% off – $9.99/m
Premium: $24.99/m – 30GB
Max: $49.99/m – 80 GB, Unlimited with flat $0.49/GB over 80GB
Pixamba also offers a free plan limited to 100MB storage.

For more information, please contact Pixamba on:
US Toll-free: 1-877-Pixamba
Intl.: +972-97-49-6789
email: [email protected]

Video demo:

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