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Co-operation With Microstock Agency PantherMedia


Yes, I know, I know. You want more storefronts to sell your stock photos and illustrations. The more stock photography agencies sell your royalty free images the bigger revenues you get. We learned that very well and we completely agree.
Every time we talk to our stock photographers they emphasize they would love to expand their sales network, selling more stock content through stock photo agencies and distributors..
We hear it so often that we even put this question in our FAQ

So here are you go: showtime!

Please meet PantherMedia, a microstock agency located in Munich, Germany. PantherMedia has been around since 2004, when the two founders and current owners Petter Ammel and Robert Walters established PantherMedia GmbH. Being the first stock photography agency to offer midstock images, PantherMedia went international in 2008 and is represented by international partners in more than 40 countries.

Initially my attention to PantherMedia was drawn a few months ago by a stock photography expert Andy Goetze, who runs Stockphototalk blog. Later on, working with PantherMedia on various technical and business issues I was absolutely charmed by people who run this venture.

So, while writing this post, it was very easy to me to figure out a few reasons why you will love submitting your stock images to

First, because PantherMedia can sell your work as a midstock for prices $50 and more! Take a look at their prices: for instance, if you sell a stock photograph with a merchandise license, it can go at 449.90 €!
And here comes the second reason – you keep up to 60% of that! The “up to” part of your commission depends on the license and exclusivity you choose, but if you go for it – you get your 60%, absolutely. Remember, this 60% are out of a midstock $50+ price!

The third reason why you should register with PantherMedia right away is that ProStockMaster is now tightly integrated with and you get your sales stats for any stock photo you got with PantherMedia, directly at your desktop.
With working with ProStockMaster API we completely automate collecting stock photos sales and downloads statistics on per-image base.

Still not convinced that you should sign up with PantherMedia? Come’on! And how about 33% off for ProStockMaster PRO license once you sign up there?
Typically, we do not offer discounts, even for the Christmas period. You probably noticed that we never did it in the past. However, we believe that PantherMedia and their customers is a very special case and we are happy to offer them a $5999 ProStockMaster PRO licenses, 33% off our $8999 list price. Register with PantherMedia and find out tour special offer there.

And here is the last but not the least reason why you should select PantherMedia in the list of agencies where you contribute your images.
These guys are really care about their photographers and their community. Yes, they really do. Try them out, it’s free (the fifth reason to join 🙂  )- and you will see that you enjoy your stay there.

I do not work for PantherMedia and I never ever did. I was not paid to write this post. And if you buy a PSM license through PantherMedia site for just $5999 instead of $8999, I am loosing money… 😀

Alamy changes the commissions


An email sent today by Alamy Member Services reminds us Alamy contributors that Alamy has changed their contributors contract on November 26, 2008. And guess what? – starting at January 10, 2009 there is a 5% increase in all Alamy’ part for all stock photo contributions plans. Additionally, stock photo agency Alamy reduces the Contributor’s Agreement termination period from 6 month to 45 days.

All these changes look like a sign for a very difficult time for Alamy, which is facing strong competition from the successful microstock brands. In one of my previous posts I reviewed the Alamy’s initiative to go microstock. At that time many Alamy contributors disliked that idea, mostly because they saw Alamy as a traditional royalty free and rights managed stock photography agency, and not yet another microstock.

Introducing a new license type: Basic License ($29.99)


We introduce a new license type: the Basic License ($29.99) , which gives a stock contributor an unlimited set of features for 3 months. The Basic license can not be renewed / upgraded.

The license previously known as “Unlimited” is now called “Pro”. Pro license has no expiration period.
The support and software upgrades services for Pro license can be renewed for $39.99 annually.

Changes in stock photos keywording algorithm


UPDATE: v1.5.4 fixes v1.5.3 critical failure
We also speed up the thumbnails display

A word about the stock photos keywords suggestion service:
the keywords list is now sorted in the order of relevance to your search pattern, top-down, thus the most relevant keywords are always on top.
In addition, the logic of suggestion algorithm has been changed – in the older versions of PSM the more keywords you type in the less results you got.
Starting from this version, the more keywords you type in to describe your stock photograph or an illustration, the more relevant results you get, and not necessary less keywords will be suggested.

v1.5.3 released yesterday has a critical issue:
only the first image in the batch to any agency is uploaded

We will release the fix with v1.5.4 in the next 24h

We add Wiki to our web site


As a part of the latest site improvements we have added Wiki to our web site.
Meanwhile, there are just a few basic HOW-TO articles there, but we hope it will be more soon.

Further optimization of microstock workflow


We switched on the auto-upgrade flag for v1.5.1, so if you run a previous version of ProStockMaster the software will offer you to upgrade to the latest 1.5.1.

1.5.1 comes with more exciting microstock tools inside, further optimizing your stock photography workflow.
Again – if you feel that anything went wrong with the upgrade, just download and install the full version of the software on top of your previous version or in parallel to it.

It is correct for both Mac and Windows versions.

Microstock photography for Linux


I am happy to say that we keep pioneering the stock photography software market by introducing ProStockMaster for Linux. Since the latest v1.5.1, the first in the world desktop software for a contributing stock photographer is available for the Linux photographers too!
Linux is now just another part in our standard delivery packages and the Linux binaries can be downloaded at our download page – along with Windows and Mac installation packages.

Linux user can easily keyword their stock photos using built-in keywords suggestion tools, upload all stock images at once to the top microstock sites and track their sell statistics per a stock photography agency.

Extending Fotolia sales statistics


We extend Fotolia sales statis support in v1.5.1 of our microstock software, including now the download and sales statistics for all international customers who use local Fotolia sites in their languages, like, or

Additionally, Fotolia microstock sales statistics in ProStockMaster software will show now the number of the current month downloads and the monthly earnings for the stock photos sold.

v1.5 of microstock contributors’ tool is released!


Both Windows and Mac OS X versions of our microstock contribution tool are available for download from our web site.
We are still working on the documentation set and sites changes following the new release.

Using this opportunity, I would like to thank all the volunteering beta-testers that participated in v1.5 tests. Derek, Terry, Les, Arik, Bob, Sergei, Tomash, Alex, Nick, Francis, Ricky, Andy, Xavier and all the rest of ProStockMaster supporters in Europe, Americas, Australia, Asia – thank you all guys for the great work and wonderful feedback. Together we did it again – an innovative and unique product designed and developed specifically for stock photographers.

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