What’s inside:
1. uploads to Fotolia microstock can go now either to “unfinished” zone on their stock photography web site (like it was in all versions prior to v1.3.3) or directly-to-approval-queue (like it was introduced in v1.3.3).
This behavior is controlled by Preferences in ProStockMaster microstock software and can be manually changed for any group of stock photos your going to upload and be sold on Fotolia.

For instance, if the stock images you are about to upload require model releases, you can select uploading to “unfinished” zone, upload the photographs, and then add model releases. Alternatively, if you are going to upload e.g. nature shots, you can upload them directly to the approval queue, thus saving significant amount of dirty work at Fotolia web.

2. Issues with BigStockPhoto uploads, caused by the changes at BigStockPhoto web, are fixed now.

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