Yesterday we have released v1.5 Beta for Mac OS X. Windows version has been released a few days ago and the feedback I receive is very complimentary meanwhile.

So far so good. It’s the time to get more things done.
While we are collecting the feedback and fixing issues in v1.5 it is a good time to fill in another hole, starting the new project: explanations and documentation for v1.5.
As a beginning, I am thinking of making a few online “how-to” lessons that will be used later as a base for the online guide for PSM.

I believe that we have created a very powerful microstock tool which can boost your revenues to another level while saving hours of your worktime working with multiple online stock photography agencies. However, all these is correct only if the photographer knows how to get the most out of our software.

I really want to show what you can do with PSM v1.5. In this blog the things will probably come in the “back” order, from the most complex stuff to the simplest things, just because I am very keen to show here the most interesting stuff first. We will put all the “how-to”-s in the right order on our web later on, taking the reader step-by-step from the simplest operations to the more complex stuff.

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