The new version brings in full functionality, including the thumbnails display for all versions of Mac OS X – Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.
Note that prior installing PSM on Mac OS X you have to install [free] ImageMagick.

If you have ImageMagick installed but PSM still can not show any thumbnail, do the follow:
1. Exit PSM if you run it

2.  Open a terminal window

3. In the terminal, type in

which convert

if you got ImageMagick properly installed you should see something like


in the response.

4. Copy the path to ‘convert’ to the clipboard, including the trailing slash (i.e. in the above case copy ‘/opt/local/bin/’)

5. In any text editor open the following file:


6. find a line showing


and replace <some-path> with the path to ‘convert’ you saved on clipboard (e.g. /opt/local/bin/)

Verify trailing slash in in place.

7. Start PSM and check the thumbnails

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