Well, I have got tens of downloads in the just a few days from the version upload to the web. No problems in the software found yet.

Some problems were raised when the new version was installed along with the Alpha2 trial and is located in the same place. Please DO NOT install v1.1 “on top” of Alpha2! Completely remove both Alpha2 program directory and its DB before installing v1.1.

It is highly recommended to verify before the installation that you have working Java on your computer.
I recommend JRE 1.5 update 7 for WIN and at least JRE 1.4.2 or higher for MAC.
You can verify it works Ok by simply running ‘java -version’ from the command window. You are expected to see 1-2 string with the text similar to “Java Virtual Machine version 1.5 update 7 …”. If you get something like “command not found” in response to your “java -version” command you java installation is probably corrupted.

Thanks to everybody who already downloaded the version and of course to people who decided to purchase it!

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