v1.3 is here and it sports embedded Java, so there are no more issues with variuos Java versions

v1.2.3 and all the previous version of ProStockMaster were tested with Java 1.4.2 up to Java 5 Update 11.
The application was NOT tested yet with Java 6.
I am already aware of at least one issue with Java 6.
a) at every run ProStockMaster shows “updated successfully” message and adds 2 more stock sites accounts to the list of existing sites
b) if you select a new stock site it is never shown in the sites list under the image in the main window

Important: At the moment ProStockMaster does NOT work properly under Java 6.
This is because of an error in one of the third-party libraries when the application runs within Java 6 virtual machine.

Workaround: until I did not resolve the issue it is recommended to install latest Java 5 update (currently Update 11)
Java 5 Runtime Environment can be downloaded here: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index_jdk5.jsp

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