This time I will not talk about making more money selling your stock photography, neither I will talk about software bugs or new features. I’d like to dedicate this post to the ‘art’ part in the artworks we create.

There are so many great images and excellent photographers! There are probably thousands of millions of creative pictures online with Flickr, Multiply, Fotki and others, not counting in the stock photography industry. Nevertheless, or, probably, exactly because of this nearly infinitive quantity and endless variety of good images, I am very excited each time I discover some new and unusual things.

The photograph below was taken by Justin Quinnell, a UK based photographer with his home-made pinhole camera. The “frame” was exposed for 6 months! (no kidding. A single non-stop six months exposure)

And this image becomes the best illustration for the power of pinhole photography. Some of us will say that they capture a moment. Others will say they capture a mood, a unique view or a personal vision. No doubt, all this is great.

But look – with a pinhole camera you really can capture the time.

Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol, UK

Image is reproduced with the permission of the author

In this photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge located in Bristol, UK you can see the suspension system deformations depending on the season. Is not it amazing? It’s pure Physics, drawn with light and captured by a pinhole camera.

And just in case if you want to take 6-months exposures like this one by yourself, Justin has the instructions page on his web, guiding you step by step how to build a pinhole camera for the long time exposures. Try it out and probably you will discover a new way to express your creativity.

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