We just have released the new 2.0.2 version of PSM for Mac Os X Snow Leopard. This release follows previous v2.x releases for Windows, switching PSM to work with your (free) Lightburner account. Thus you get the best of the two worlds, browsing and adding metadata locally, while uploading only once for all microstock channels via online software. For more information see release notes  for 2.x versions.


Once you’ve downloaded the latest software, make sure that

  • You have a valid Lightburner account (free signup here)
  • You defined your microstock agencies and/or private FTP sales channels in Lightburner
  • You provided PSM with your Lightburner username and password (Tools -> Lightburner account menu in PSM)

Known issues

  1. Sales stats received from Lightburner.com always overwrite any data you might enter manually. Still thinking how to handle the logic here.
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