I am happy to announce that the long awaited PSM v2.0 BETA is currently released for Windows OS. This is a major software release changing how PSM works with your images. While the user experience and the GUI mostly remain the same, other software layers were significantly modified.

Main changes

  1. PSM now works as a Lightburner.com client, uploading images exclusively to your Lightburner.com account. If you did not get your free Lightburner account yet, go get it now.
  2. It means that now you can upload your images to as many microstock and traditional stock photography agencies as you wish, either by using pre-defined Lightburner.com microstock sales channels like iStock and Shutterstock, or by defining your own private FTP channels.
  3. It also means that PSM will now upload images only once, to Lightburner.com, instead of uploading them N times to N agencies. Thus you save time and bandwidth.
  4. Lightburner accounts are set up for automatic distribution of all uploaded images, no additional action required. Once PSM uploads the images Lightburner will distribute them to the microstocks of your choice.
  5. The IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata library is replaced by a more sophisticated solution. WARNING: MAKE COPIES FOR ALL JPEGs BEFORE YOU APPLY ANY METADATA CHANGE, particularly because it is an early BETA release of the software.
  6. The database structure was cleaned up and was significantly changed. The new database is incompatible with DBs of PSM 1.x.x. If there will be a huge demand for the backward compatibility I will consider adding a DB convert utility.
  7. Some less important functionality existed in the previous versions is removed to reduce the number of features delivered in this BETA release.

DOWNLOAD: http://prostockmaster.com/dc2/Setup_ProStockMaster.exe

Once you’ve downloaded the latest software, make sure that

  • You have a valid Lightburner account (free signup here)
  • You defined your microstock agencies and/or private FTP sales channels in Lightburner
  • You provided PSM with your Lightburner username and password (Tools -> Lightburner account menu in PSM)

Known issues

  1. Sales stats received from Lightburner.com always overwrite any data you might enter manually. Still thinking how to handle the logic here.


** Please report the bugs to support(at)pixamba(dot)com! **

Thank you!

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