Some customers asked me where to find their files once they are uploaded to PantherMedia web site.
You have to go to “My Panther->My Images->Images (FTP/PSM)” menu located on top of your home page when logged in to PantherMedia web site.

PantherMedia Stock Images Upload Menu

Note that you will see there just one stock image out of all the stock photos that you have uploaded to PantherMedia stock photography agency with ProStockMaster microstock software. Once you submit this stock photo or a stock illustration, the web site will show you the next image from your PSM-PantherMedia upload folder.

Also note that PantherMedia submission process suggests you to insert up to 8 “Main keywords” into your stock photograph. First, I suggest you use at its most, i.e. insert exactly 8 keywords into all your stock photos if you can. Of course, keep the stock photography keywords relevant and descriptive 🙂
Obviously, doing that increases the chances for your stock images to be found by the microstock buying customers, i.e. the chances for a stock photo to be sold.

Next, make your work easier and get better stock imagery sales by the proper use of our microstock software functionality. PSM “Manage Metadata” window allows you to put the keywords in the order of their importance / relevancy directly into IPTC metadata for your stock photo. Use up and down arrows buttons to re-order your keywords in the order of their relevance, putting the most important keywords at the top of the list.Some sites do pay attention on the order of IPTC keywords, expecting that the most important keywords describing a stock photograph will be first in the IPTC section.

Manage IPTC Metadata Window

Manage IPTC Metadata Window

Thus, when you will have to put “Main keywords” in the PantherMedia submission form you can just copy and paste 8 first keywords from the list of IPTC keywords you added to your image with ProStockMaster. And once you put your keywords in the order of their importance with PSM some other agencies will be able to use this information too, thus giving even more exposure to your pictures.

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