Please note that PSM requests the application restart after the auto-upgrade. When you get “please restart now” message always shown after the updates download please restart the app!. The application won’t work properly until you restart it.

If anyway the things seem to go wrong after the auto upgrate please download and install the full archive. Auto-upgrade is always incremental and it can not guarantee the binaries consistency if you missed a few previous updates. That’s why we always recommend upgrading to the latest available PSM release.

Mac only: if you choose to install the full archive to get the upgrade, be sure to select “Connect to the existing DB” at the first run of your new PSM copy and point to the folder containing your existing ProStockMaster_DB. Do not delete your previous PSM installation until you are sure that everything works as expected.

New in this release:

1. Uploads to Shutterstock microstock web site are switched to FTP. Go to “Upload->Stock Agencies” to change your credentials.

The FTP server name is already filled in for you by the app. Your FTP user name is your email address, which is on file with Shutterstock and the password is your regular Shutterstock web site password. Since the connection to Shutterstock is now via FTP only, your stock photos sales stats for this site can not be displayed anymore.

2. “Export Metadata” dialog added in “File->Export Metadata” menu. It creates a CSV file with JPG IPTC metadata and a few more file parameters for all JPGs in a specified folder. Optionally, it works recursively on all the subfolders of the specified folder. You probably remember this free JPG IPTC metadata dump utility? Now it is an integral part of PSM, available for free with any license. Just open “File->Export Metadata” menu and select a folder to be exported.

3. Fixed an annoying bug causing thumbnails not to be displayed in many cases.
I am sure you faced it at least once – you start PSM, open a folder and there are no thumbnails, just the file names with ‘…’ are displayed. Well, not anymore.
The app still needs some time to draw the thumbnails at the first access, but once the initial processing is done you get all the graphics instantly.

4. EXIF reading is back.
EXIF decided to leave PSM for a few weeks. Now it is back at its full.

5. Manage metadata – copying data between images: verified & OK. Also the dialog will close now when a user press OK in the “applied” confirmation message.

6. Alamy uploads: only one image can be uploaded. The issue is still there.
A quick check shows that the same is correct for Alamay uploads from their web either with their Java applet or with Alamy ActiveX control. Seems to be a problem with their web server. More info…

7. Minor fixes & updates for performance and graphics, here and there

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