Irish non-profit MOTHERSANDFARTHERMATTERS.IE used this image to support their “NO to the gays marriage!” message trying to impact the public oppinion towards Irish voting for same-sex marriage legalisation

The family who modeled for this stock image protests via Amnesty International against the message in the above poster. They say they fully support marriages equality.

We were surprised and upset to see that the photo was being used as part of a campaign with which we do not agree. We completely support same-sex marriage […]


Today, the majority of microstock sites request that the images won’t be used in political campaigns or used in the way that the agency, the models, or the photographers will be put in the bad light. I assume that from the legal point of view it is very tricky to distinguish what is ‘bad light’ and what is not, and if the usage like this one is up to the agency’ terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, we should better read all these small letters in the agencies T&Cs before sending our work there, and push them to better protect the contributors and their models from ‘gray’ usage of the imagery.



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