An example of a traditional rights managed photo

Rights managed photograph

Rights managed photograph of a girl, underwater

Note the final price and the number of various options I had to select to find out the price. It is so confusing and time consuming!

I had not idea at the beginning how much such an image costs, and I had to waste my time precisely selecting all the options just to see that my budget is far away of the final price.

Why buyers would agree for that? The only answer is – if they have no choice. Would you buy some cheese in your local supermarket if you have no idea how much you pay at the cash desk? Would you buy a car if you do not know its price?

Right Managed photography accompanied with user interface of ‘adding options to see the final price’ is a totally wrong idea! It won’t sell.

Let’s compare it to the Royalty Free microstock alternative.

Well, today iStockphoto is not exactly a microstock agency anymore, particularly when we are talking about Extended Licenses prices. However, it is still ten times less for quite a similar stock photograph!

Is it the same photo? No, of course it’s not. I probably could find something much more similar, and even much more cheaper on other microstock sites, like Dreamstime or Fotolia.

Will the buyers prefer an iStock image, paying 10 times less for a stock photo and getting more in terms of time, usage and warranty, and saving time going through the time-consuming “find the final Rights Managed price” process? I bet they will.

iStockphoto Royalty Free Photo

iStockphoto Royalty Free Photo with Extended License

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