First, the statement: I am not pretending to play a role of an expert in Social Networks marketing. I am far of being there. In fact, I was always quite afraid of getting public in any means all my life. Only the need to get some free traffic to our new software services pushed me to the world of Social Networks a couple of years ago. Well, I found it’s a fun, I learned a lot, and I am quite a fast learner.

First thing I learned was that 95% of guys who call them “Social Networking Guru / New Media Expert” know very little of what they claim is their primary domain of knowledge. Other guys who do not call them “Social Marketing Guru” know much more, but do not try to make their living of that. So next time you meet yet another “Social Media Engineer” get prepared.

With the time I got my own understanding of what works and what does not work on social landscape.
I am not going to tell you in this post what social networks you should get and how to get there. Let’s assume you already got this prior knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other top social marketing tools. If not, Google for that – there are tons of info describing the basics.

Let me show you first what you should NOT do with any network.

Do not put it on “auto-pilot”, even if you can.

There are so many services around Twitter(mostly) and some other tools that offer you “1,000 real followers a day”, and even for free… DO NOT DO THAT. It’s all wrong. If you do that your Twitter account will look similar to this one:

Social Media Marketing For Photographers

Twitter on Auto-Pilot

This Texas guy promised to give us his cameras reviews, photography tips and other handful photography information. And what we got? Endless BBQ set ads without a bit of a useful info on photography.

Obviously the auto-quotes, commercial offers and shameless advertising will turn off the quality followers. Personally I unfollow anyone who starts spam me with auto-quoting once an hour. Why is that? Because I do not have time to read this crap on Twitter and I want to free the space and time for some quality tweets by people who do care about their followers/readers and therefore they carefully select their subjects & their info.
Caring about your followers is the key of success on any social network.

Now, do you see that the guy in the above screen shot follows about 9,000 people and is followed by a similar amount of people? Are they all real people who actually read his tweets?
Of course not.
Why I am so sure?
Well, here is a small hint – he got just 1 tweet… And quite sure that it was not the “E=MC^2” discovery.

Going social you are looking for the readers. Twitter calls them followers. This should be your main target. This way you can influence others, be heard and probably promote your product, portfolio or your personal brand online.
But go gently.

No tweets + auto-pilot with ‘auto-approve’ for the new followers gets you nowhere. You end up with a zombie Twitter account which is connected to other auto-zombies.
Robots can not read. Human can. Target human.

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