This releases switches uploading stock photos to Dreamstime to FTP and fixes a small issue which recently stopped Canstockphoto microstock uploads. There is no change in your Canstock workflow, but for the Dreamstime microstock site you have to add your FTP credentials.
In order to do that, please login to Dreamstime web and go to
At the right part of the page you will see text similar to this:

Dreamstime FTP upload instructions

When you open Dreamstime credentials dialog in PSM v1.6.1 (“Upload->Stock Agnecies” menu in PSM, click on the checkbutton next to Dreamstime name), the follow window opens:

Dreamstime Web and FTP credentials dialog in ProStockMaster

Note that ProStockMaster already fills in for you the Dreamstime FTP server name and the correct server’ FTP port, as well as takes care of entering Passive FTP mode when connected to Dreamstime FTP server. So the only two FTP parameters that you still have to provide are your FTP user ID from the Dreamstime web (see the image above) and your FTP password.
For Dreamstime, your FTP password is identical to your web password (please verify that your personal FTP details on Dreamstime web confirm that).

All you have to do to activate your FTP uploads to Dreamstime is copying your FTP user ID from Dreamstime web page directly to ProStockMaster GUI (you can use CTRL-C/CTRL-V keyboards sequences for bullet-proof Copy/Paste) and providing PSM with your FTP password (which seems to be the same like your web password).

You will still need to provide your web credentials in the top form of PSM GUI in order to get your Dreamstime stock photos sales statistics through PSM HTTP connection.

Let’s see what else was added in v1.6.1.
This version sports 25 more languages in keywords translations, so together with previously introduced 23 most popular languages PSM is now capable of translating your keywords from 48 different languages.

In addition to the West European and North American languages set, we support now most East European languages (e.g. Hungarian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian) , accomplished by a nice selection of Asian languages like Turkish, Thai and Uzbek. We keep our target in mind: photographers should be able to describe their creations using their own words in their native language. We at ProStockMaster try to help them with this target, taking care of all the rest of the dirty and time consuming images keywording work.

Note, that ProStockMaster inserts your keywords directly into the IPTC segment of your image, thus never touching your pixels. Unfortunately, not all the applications available on the market today behave in the same way.

For instance, if you use such a high-quality and high-performance tool like Adobe Photoshop to edit image’ metadata each time opening your JPEG stock image, modifying keywords and closing the file back you can end up with a stock photograph of significantly lower quality than your original. Each time you use Photoshop to edit anything in your stock photos in JPG format, Photoshop decompress JPG to be represented as bitmap RGB data. When you are done with your modifications and save a JPEG file Photoshop re-compresses the data again and saves it as JPG file. Since JPEG is a lossy compression your stock photos actually lose pixels!

Thus, such a simple and intuitive Photoshop “Open a JPEG -> add-metadata-with-File_Info -> Save JPEG & Close” flow of operations becomes unsafe in terms of the image quality. Doing such modifications frequently on a certain file you can easily end up with visual artifacts and other image quality degradation results. If you want to stick with modifying your images metadata with Photoshop you better switch to the safe RAW-based workflow where no de/re-compression applies.

Alternatively, you can use ProStockMaster microstock software, which combines the convenience of multilingual translations, keywords suggestions and multi-agencies uploads for your stock photos. All that without touching a single pixel in your valued artwork.

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