I have been asked multiple times a question like:
> Is it secure to enter my site’ user name and password into your application?

It’s a good question. Since you login to an Internet stock photo site with your user name and password, ProStockMaster shall know these parameters in order to login and properly upload images to your account on selected site. This is the only way the application can securely access your personal account on that site and upload images there.

If you are familiar with any FTP client, like Smart FTP or cuteFTP, it is exactly the same process.
The client asks for your credentials and then uploads your files on your behalf to some FTP site. ProStockMaster follows this approach and uses your credentials for proper login into a stock site and upload your work to your personal account. There is no other use for your credentials.

ProStockMaster hides and encrypts your sensitive information storing it locally, thus providing reasonable (however, not an “unbreakable”) level of security for your personal data. This level of security is comparable with the level of security you would expect to get from a typical FTP client or from your favorite web browser.