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Mac OS X

Version 2.0.5 is released – Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard supported


The new version brings in full functionality, including the thumbnails display for all versions of Mac OS X – Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.
Note that prior installing PSM on Mac OS X you have to install [free] ImageMagick.

If you have ImageMagick installed but PSM still can not show any thumbnail, do the follow:
1. Exit PSM if you run it

2.  Open a terminal window

3. In the terminal, type in

which convert

if you got ImageMagick properly installed you should see something like


in the response.

4. Copy the path to ‘convert’ to the clipboard, including the trailing slash (i.e. in the above case copy ‘/opt/local/bin/’)

5. In any text editor open the following file:


6. find a line showing


and replace <some-path> with the path to ‘convert’ you saved on clipboard (e.g. /opt/local/bin/)

Verify trailing slash in in place.

7. Start PSM and check the thumbnails

ProStockMaster 2.0.3 for Mac and Windows helps selling photos online


New release 2.0.3 of ProStockMaster comes with the following changes

  1. Added scrolling for language context menu, so all languages are reachable for all screen resolutions

    Scrolled languages menu

    Scrolled languages menu

  2. Fixed issue which did not allow suggestions for multiple keywords / keyphrase.

    Keyphrase suggestions

    Keyphrase suggestions

  3. Mac: application menu moved to top menu bar where it is supposed to be for a Mac app
  4. Mac: folders tree changed to be more Mac-like, showing “PLACES” and starting from the user’ home folder.

    Better Mac experience

    Better Mac experience

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, Mac / Windows – $69.95 @bhphoto, Today only


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 – $69.95 only!


Just a quick note to let you know about such a great price for this exceptional tool which should be in the arsenal of every photographer. It is a one-day deal at B&H Photo, NYC, NY USA.

New release: ProStockMaster v2.0.2 for Mac OS X


We just have released the new 2.0.2 version of PSM for Mac Os X Snow Leopard. This release follows previous v2.x releases for Windows, switching PSM to work with your (free) Lightburner account. Thus you get the best of the two worlds, browsing and adding metadata locally, while uploading only once for all microstock channels via online software. For more information see release notes  for 2.x versions.


Once you’ve downloaded the latest software, make sure that

  • You have a valid Lightburner account (free signup here)
  • You defined your microstock agencies and/or private FTP sales channels in Lightburner
  • You provided PSM with your Lightburner username and password (Tools -> Lightburner account menu in PSM)

Known issues

  1. Sales stats received from always overwrite any data you might enter manually. Still thinking how to handle the logic here.

v1.9.2 released, fixes thumbnails displaying on Windows (non-Latin)


New version 1.9.2 fixes following issues:
– Windows: thumbnails for files with non-Latin characters in the file path are not displayed
– Mac: Stock Agencies window pop-us each time the application starts
– Mac: GUI skin automatically changed after the installation

v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login, introduces Java 6 native


The new ProStockMaster v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login and upload of stock photos to the microstock agency, following the latest “F5” changes on the iStock web. It is also the first version of our microstock software which was compiled with Java 6, both Mac and Windows. PSM v1.9.1 simply runs faster than older versions. If you got Windows 7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit I recommend you to download and install Java 64-bit. The latest ProStockMaster v1.9.1 will perfectly run with 64-bit Java, and you get even more performance benefits.

Note that if you upgrade to v1.9.1 from anything older than v1.9.0 you have to install the full version of ProStockMaster. Follow this instructions to do so.

Please do not panic if you see this error message when you run the new software:
Application failed: (Access Denied)

It’s OK, it just says that you are running Windows 7 or Vista 🙂
The 1-minute solution for that is described in question #3 in our FAQ

v1.9.0 released


We have released ProStockMaster v1.9.0. The new release speeds up stock photos thumbnails displaying and folders browsing.

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

New & faster thumbnails creation mechanism

On Mac, v1.9.0 also eliminates the dependencies on the old PowerPC code and Apple Rosette, and runs with Java 6 whenever it is available.

No Rosetta anymore! Faster Intel-native Java

v1.9.0 is a major release with some new stuff inside and we highly recommend to download and install the FULL VERSION of the new release instead of using the auto-upgrade procedure, both Mac and Windows. For the Mac users installing the FULL version instead of the auto-upgrade is a must to speed up the application, so please do so.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of PSM auto-upgrade are limited and we do expect problems with auto-update this time, so again – PLEASE INSTALL THE FULL version instead of auto-upgrading.

Further releases will be based on the technology introduced in v1.9.0, so it is quite critical to make a timely update now.

How to install the full version if you already got PSM installed and want to keep your data

BigStock, 123rf, Dreamstime, Fotolia improvements in v1.7.3


This release fixes login and upload of stock photos to Bigstock and 123rf . It also fixes  Dreamstime and Fotloia microstock sales statistics. We took off Stockxpert microstock site due to their merge with iStockphoto.

CanStockPhoto – sales stats for every stock image at your fingertips, better security and reliability


ProStockMaster microstock software v1.7.2 now works with CanStockPhoto via our proprietary PSM API. From now on all microstock contributors can track their microstock sales and download stats for every stock photograph or an illustration submitted to CanStockPhoto with ProStockmaster microstock tool.
All data is transferred over HTTPS, which significantly improves the communication security between the microstock photography agency and the stock photographer’s computer.

Many thanks to Duncan Enman, CEO of CanStockPhoto and his great team for making this possible.

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