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Stock photography software update, soon


So, what you can expect in the upcoming version?
Let me give you a brief preview.

As usual, we listen very carefully to our customers, knowing that what they ask for is what they need.
We are working on:

1. Altering file statuses & stock photos upload time, so you can mark any image on your HD as “already uploaded” to some microstock agency. This will help to avoid re-uploads, providing one source for the stock image archive data.

2. Speeding up the images browsing. Like many other application, ProStockMaster will now store the generated thumbnails in the DB, thus making the browsing of the folder fast & efficient.

3. The keywords generation user interface will change, allowing you to play with the list of existing and generated keywords for each new keyword you enter.

4. StockXpert issue is solved in this release.

I am thinking about adding “find a duplicate image” functionality (anyway PSM keeps the images DB and anyway the app knows a lot about each indexed image), but I am not sure that there is a demand for that. Drop me a message/comment if you think it is something required.

We do not plan adding any new stock photography agency this time. Instead, we had to remove Lucky Oliver microstock from the list.
We are checking what else we can do in the short term, not delaying the upcoming release for too long.

We plan releasing the new version of PSM microstock tool in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


Keyphrases handling by various stock photo agencies


So here is the trick that Terry pointed me out a few months ago and Jorgen confirmed the same issue for some more agencies:
IPTC keyphrases interpreting differs between various stock agencies.

It means that if you index your image with a keyphrase like blue water, it will be retrieved OK from IPTC data on e.g. iStockphoto, but will become two keywords blue and water on e.g. Shutterstock. If you will try another trick by doble-qouting your keyphrase (note that PSM is a rare applications which allows you doing that without any problem) and your original keyphrase becomes to be “blue water”, Shutterstock will show it correctly as a blue water keyphrase, but iStockphoto will not show it at all (BTW, why is that

Good bye, Lucky Oliver!


I hate to see that Lucky Oliver microstock site did not make it. It was a really nice stock photography agency and I wish a lot of good luck to Bryan and the LO team. Thank you guys and see you in your next venture.

Uploading stock photos to and maximum number of IPTC keywords


The automated keywords suggestion mechanism implemented in ProStockMaster brings you tens of relevant keywords matching your stock photo or an illustration. You can enter keywords in virtually any language and our microstock software will save them all with the image, in an IPTC section of the file. Thus your stock images will always carry IPTC metadata and can become searchable by IPTC-reading software like ProStockMaster or Adobe CS family.

IPTC keywords ggestion for stock photography

Probably the fastest and the easiest way to add keywords and metadata to stock photos and raster illustrations, multilingual

Some stock agencies, like restrict maximum number of keywords a stock photo can contain. (Anyone can tell me why they do it? I have absolutely no idea. I can not find any logic why they limit maximum amount of keywords. In my understanding, the more keywords an image has, the better it will be found in the searches – what’s wrong with that? However, it seems that iStockPhoto has a different point of view)

Current keywords limit defined by iStockphoto stands for 50 keywords. ProStockMaster does not limit the maximum number of IPTC keywords in a stock image, but it do counts how many keywords the photograph got. And once it is more than 50, the keywords counter become red.

UPDATED on April 1, 2007: FIXED – Problems interacting with 123rf


I just have released v1.2.3 which fixes 123rf issues related to upload and statistics.
This version also fixes statistics representation for LuckyOliver.
Please follow the instruction to upgrade your software.



123rf guys have completely revamped their web site.
I have to issues an updated version of ProStockMaster to follow their changes. Hopefully, everything will be ready in one week – stay tuned.

Meanwhile, please do NOT try uploading to 123rf with the current software version – it is just a time waste, no files will be uploaded to 123rf web.

I will update this record when the upgrade will be available. Those of you who use ProStockMaster v1.2.1 or above will also get an automatic alert that the new version is available on our web – please follow the upgrade instructions.
As I wrote in my previous similar post regarding ShutterStock, I am working with some sites on implementing a stable API (interface) ProStockMaster – The Site. When this work will be completed we will hopefully never face this failures again. However, these things always take [much] more time that it was planned

Mac version is here!


While many developers upgrade their software using more and more advanced tools and technologies, I had to downgrade my code recently due to Mac java support. Typical OS X java version is 1.4.2 and thus I needed to compile and fix everything for 1.4.2 instead of 1.5.7 I used for Windows.
Nevermind, now it works on Mac! And with pretty cool Mac UI.
On Windows I still recommend to install Java 1.5 update 7 since it provides much better UI and faster performance

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