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PSM service outage


So when I was walking in South Alps, France the sysadmins at my hosting provider decided that my sites consume too much computing power on a shared server. So they simply switched them all off at once sending me an email about that. I was at that time at altitude of 2500+ meters with no email access, so nearly everything went out of the order for four days until I get back to my computer today.

I am terrible sorry for the inconvenience.

I am looking for a better hosting solution for PSM web and other web sites and web apps I am running. Hopefully we’ll see the change in the next 30 days.

ProStockMaster 2.0.3 for Mac and Windows helps selling photos online


New release 2.0.3 of ProStockMaster comes with the following changes

  1. Added scrolling for language context menu, so all languages are reachable for all screen resolutions

    Scrolled languages menu

    Scrolled languages menu

  2. Fixed issue which did not allow suggestions for multiple keywords / keyphrase.

    Keyphrase suggestions

    Keyphrase suggestions

  3. Mac: application menu moved to top menu bar where it is supposed to be for a Mac app
  4. Mac: folders tree changed to be more Mac-like, showing “PLACES” and starting from the user’ home folder.

    Better Mac experience

    Better Mac experience

Microstock software v1.9.4/1.9.3 released


New release 1.9.4/1.9.3 fixes an annoying issue when in some cases the thumbnails of stock photos were not displayed.
This issue appeared on Windows only, when the browsed folder
a) had non-latin letters in it’s name
b) was located on a non-default drive (i.e. not on C:)

The new version is available for immediate download. Any existing application should offer auto-upgrading to the new release.

v1.9.2 released, fixes thumbnails displaying on Windows (non-Latin)


New version 1.9.2 fixes following issues:
– Windows: thumbnails for files with non-Latin characters in the file path are not displayed
– Mac: Stock Agencies window pop-us each time the application starts
– Mac: GUI skin automatically changed after the installation

Windows: thumbnails not shown if the file path contains non-Latin characters


ProStockMaster v1.9.0/v1.9.1 on Windows fails to show stock photos thumbnails if the file path contains non-Latin characters.
Mac is fine.
We are on it now.

The obvious workaround would be to rename the folders so they will not have any non-Latin characters, or temporary move the files to a different folder with an English name, e.g. C:\Uploads. However, note that ProStockMaster identifies files by their absolute path, so once you move the files to a temporary folder you will have to return them back with ProStockMaster ‘Move’ menu to keep their data tracked by the software. Since at the moment there is no group operation for ‘Move’ this workaround could be a problem for a large amount of files.

v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login, introduces Java 6 native


The new ProStockMaster v1.9.1 fixes iStockphoto login and upload of stock photos to the microstock agency, following the latest “F5” changes on the iStock web. It is also the first version of our microstock software which was compiled with Java 6, both Mac and Windows. PSM v1.9.1 simply runs faster than older versions. If you got Windows 7 64-bit or Vista 64-bit I recommend you to download and install Java 64-bit. The latest ProStockMaster v1.9.1 will perfectly run with 64-bit Java, and you get even more performance benefits.

Note that if you upgrade to v1.9.1 from anything older than v1.9.0 you have to install the full version of ProStockMaster. Follow this instructions to do so.

Please do not panic if you see this error message when you run the new software:
Application failed: (Access Denied)

It’s OK, it just says that you are running Windows 7 or Vista 🙂
The 1-minute solution for that is described in question #3 in our FAQ

iStockphoto login and web chnages


iStock have changed their web this week. We are aware of these changes and the ProStockMaster update is already completed. We still check various compatibility issues. The upgrade to v1.9.1 will be offered very soon. Note, that if you still run anything prior to v1.9.0 you have to upgrade to v1.9.0 first by installing the full version of ProStockMaster v1.9.0. Follow this instructions to upgrade to v1.9.0.

ProStockMaster v1.9.0 for Mac and next Mac versions – Snow Leopard only


ProStockMaster v1.9.0 for Mac is built for Snow Leopard only. This is due to introduction of some third party code compiled for Snow Leopard, and backward-incompatible to Leopard and Tiger. Since Tiger almost disappeared from the market and Leopard can be upgraded to Snow Leopard for just $29 at Apple Store, we are willing to keep it this way. All the further ProStockMaster versions also will be build for Snow Leopard only.

Today: moving the web site to a different hosting provider


Today we are moving the web to a different hosting provider. During the next 24 hours some of PSM services such as keywords suggestion can work sporadically or do not work at all. Hopefully, all the transfer will go smooth and we will be up and running again very soon. The DNS change propagation takes 24-48 hours (less in North America, more for the rest of the word), so maximum in 48 hours all the changes will be adopted by DNS servers worldwide and you will be able to work with the site and with ProStockMaster as usual.

We do this change because we are continuously looking to improve our services and add more web and application features and we need an infrastructure which can support them all.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Alamy stock photography agency login


If you can login to Alamy web, but for some reason you can not login with the same user name and password into your Alamy account through ProStockMaster application, take a look at the length of your password.

It seems that in the past this royalty free and rights managed stock photography agency allowed long passwords, but one day their developers decided that they do not want anything longer than 12 letters.  So, instead of asking you to replace your old long password with some shorter characters sequence, Alamy developers just decided to cut off your old long password to fit their new 12-letters standard, simple like that.

Do you think you log into Alamy web site with your old trusted “myAlamyVerySecurePassword”?
Wrong! Actually, you login there with just “myAlamyVeryS” – exactly the first 12 characters, while all the rest of the password is cut off on your login and ignored by Alamy.

That’s why if you try “myAlamyVerySecurePassword” in ProStockMaster you are unable to login into your Alamy account. Instead, you should use just the first 12 characters of your long password. Well, at least until Alamy do anything about that.

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