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Changes in stock photos keywording algorithm


UPDATE: v1.5.4 fixes v1.5.3 critical failure
We also speed up the thumbnails display

A word about the stock photos keywords suggestion service:
the keywords list is now sorted in the order of relevance to your search pattern, top-down, thus the most relevant keywords are always on top.
In addition, the logic of suggestion algorithm has been changed – in the older versions of PSM the more keywords you type in the less results you got.
Starting from this version, the more keywords you type in to describe your stock photograph or an illustration, the more relevant results you get, and not necessary less keywords will be suggested.

v1.5.3 released yesterday has a critical issue:
only the first image in the batch to any agency is uploaded

We will release the fix with v1.5.4 in the next 24h

Further optimization of microstock workflow


We switched on the auto-upgrade flag for v1.5.1, so if you run a previous version of ProStockMaster the software will offer you to upgrade to the latest 1.5.1.

1.5.1 comes with more exciting microstock tools inside, further optimizing your stock photography workflow.
Again – if you feel that anything went wrong with the upgrade, just download and install the full version of the software on top of your previous version or in parallel to it.

It is correct for both Mac and Windows versions.

StockXpert microstock uploads issue


v1.4.1 has a flaw with StockXpert uploads – only one first stock photo in the batch is uploaded. All the rest are reported to be uploaded, but never appear on StockXpert web site.
I am going to investigate this problem and once resolved I’ll issue a software update.

UPDATED on April 1, 2007: FIXED – Problems interacting with 123rf


I just have released v1.2.3 which fixes 123rf issues related to upload and statistics.
This version also fixes statistics representation for LuckyOliver.
Please follow the instruction to upgrade your software.



123rf guys have completely revamped their web site.
I have to issues an updated version of ProStockMaster to follow their changes. Hopefully, everything will be ready in one week – stay tuned.

Meanwhile, please do NOT try uploading to 123rf with the current software version – it is just a time waste, no files will be uploaded to 123rf web.

I will update this record when the upgrade will be available. Those of you who use ProStockMaster v1.2.1 or above will also get an automatic alert that the new version is available on our web – please follow the upgrade instructions.
As I wrote in my previous similar post regarding ShutterStock, I am working with some sites on implementing a stable API (interface) ProStockMaster – The Site. When this work will be completed we will hopefully never face this failures again. However, these things always take [much] more time that it was planned

FIXED – Uploads to ShutterStock fail


UPDATE: The issue is fixed. The new version 1.2.2 is available for download. You can upgrade your software by following the upgrade notes listed here:
I also fixed a minor issue with some gibberish which was sometimes inserted in the generated keywords list and made the version update verification procedure a bit more reliable.
In short, get the new version and enjoy!



Due to the recent changes at ShutterStock web site there is a new issue with ShutterStock uploads. At the moment the files uploaded with ProStockMaster do not appear on the web site, so please do not upload your work to ShutterStock until the fix is available.

This issue will be fixed during the next few days. Hope the update version will be ready for download before the weekend. Those of you who use version 1.2.1 will be informed automatically on ProStockMaster’ start that the new update is available. If you have an older version please go to “Help->Software Updates…” menu and verify periodically if the update is already available.

I am negotiating with the few sites to establish and use a dedicated stable API that will eliminate such unpleasant situations in the future (some of them already have such API). As usual, these things take time. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding

Recent problem with uploads fixed in v1.2.1


UPDATE: iStockPhoto uploads are fixed, Fotolia staistics is tuned. All these in the latest release 1.2.1
Either upgrade or download to get the all latest fixes and changes.
– David

Recently I was informed about a problem with iStockPhoto uploads. I am going to issues the fix in the next 24h – please stay tuned. If you have any question / suggestion please email me at support(at)prostockmaster(dot)com

And thanks to Martin who pointed me out to that problem!

“Application failed: null” on Mac OS X with non-English locale


So far only one problem was reported:
the application fails to install on non-English Mac OS X showing the message “Application failed: null”. This is due to the Sun’ bug discussed e.g. here:

The same problem can be found on Windows with non-English locale running Java 1.4, but there is the fast fix – just upgrade your Java to version 1.5.
Java 1.5 Virtual Machine for Windows has this issue solved, but Mac’s Java 1.5 still has the bug.

The problem has been isolated and fixed and I will include it in the service pack, which hopefully will be released at the next week. The service pack will also include some new stuff, but this is a subject for the separate thread

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