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How to install the full version keeping all the data

Windows: First, get the latest installation archive from our web. If preivously you installed PSM in the default directory (typically, C:\Program Files\ProStockMaster for 32-bit OS or C:\Program Files (x86)\ProStockMaster for 64-bit OS) just keep pressing “Next” button in the installation wizard. You are done in a few clicks.

Windows 7 / Vista: Please do not panic if you see this error message when you run again your new software:
Application failed: (Access Denied)

The 1-minute solution for that is described in question #3 in our FAQ

Mac: DO NOT remove the previous version until you are completely set up! Get the the latest installation archive from our web and install the software where you want it to be, making a new fresh installation – click on “Install” button on the first application run.

Now go to your previous (old) ProStockMaster installation and open the application package for browsing (CTRL+click on the application icon, select “Show Package Contents” menu)

Open application package for browsing

Locate ProStockMaster_DB inside the package. It is located in Contents/Resources/Java folder.

Make a copy of your old ProStockMaster_DB folder.

PSM application package content

PSM application package content

Locate the ProStockMaster_DB folder in your new installation repeating the above steps.

Replace the new ProStockMaster_DB folder with the old one (from your previous PSM installation). Now run the new ProStockMaster app and verify that all the uploads and sales data is in place. Check that you indeed run the latest software (Help->About menu in PSM).

If everything works fine and your old stock images database is now inside the new application package you are done. Move the old PSM installation along with the copy of the old PSM DB you made to Trash and leave it there for sometime, checking that the things indeed run OK. When you are sure that everything works as expected you can safely remove this stuff from the Trash.

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